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OpenText™ Documentum™ content management is a distributed, cloud-native enterprise content platform that offers a compliant, secure single-source-of-truth for all users. Built on a modular foundation, Documentum software integrates into enterprise business applications to enable access from any UI. Documentum products scale to meet the high-volume content demands of highly-regulated organizations.

Opentext Content Server

Make Content Available

How do I quickly find the content I need to perform my job? How can I make my content easy to find and use by others?

Gain control of your content by managing it in a complete, secure repository so the right people can find and use the information they need.

Ensure your information is organized, preserved and easily accessible while protecting privacy and security. Business processes depend on content, which may be created as a result of collaboration, captured from external sources, or generated by your enterprise applications. Regardless of its source and format, it is critical to extend the value of content by reusing and repurposing it to workgroups across the organization and beyond. This requires a trusted platform that provides a range of capabilities, from intelligence to search.

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Respond to Information Requests

How do I get information to my executives and auditors quickly? How do I ensure my content is filed consistently with approved practices?

Sensitive content must be handled carefully. Organizations must be confident they can access all relevant content quickly. The stakes are high.

Filing documents consistently used to depend on the knowledge of a few specific individuals within the organization. These days, filing practices can be automated, driven by business rules applied to the content, within the correct context. Appropriate metadata can be applied for retention and disposition, ensuring content is kept for as long the compliance teams require. These capabilities ensure content can be identified and collected quickly based on any request from an auditor, executive, or other business stakeholder.
What can this do for my industry?

Key Products

Documentum Platform

The world’s most trusted enterprise content platform organizes and protects valuable content.


Documentum D2

Modern, intuitive Documentum user interface is optimized and personalized for a library use case.



Market-leading content platform is built and optimized for the line of business.